Vienna, June 14, 2022 (WAM)-UN chiefs called renewable energy a “21st century peace plan” on Tuesday, abandoning fossil fuel financing and calling for support for a green alternative. ..

Antonio Guterres was convened at the 6th Austrian World Summit by the Austrian government, former California Governor and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who turned from a Hollywood actor to a climate activist, to speak about the climate crisis.

Guteres reiterated his call to the G20’s major economies to “dismantle coal infrastructure and phase it out completely by 2030 in OECD countries and by 2040 in all other countries.” rice field.

“And I call on all financial professionals to abandon fossil fuel finance and invest in renewable energy.” “Energy security, stable electricity prices, prosperity, and the only true to a livable planet. The road is to abandon polluted fossil fuels, especially coal. Accelerate the energy transition based on renewable energy. ”

WAM / Tariq alfaham / Hatem Mohamed

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