Hanoi, June 10, 2022 (WAM)-Vietnam ranked 68th out of 120 countries in the Open Budget Survey (OBS) 2021 recently announced by the International Budget Partnership (IBP) against 2019. 9 spots, an increase of 23 spots compared to 2017. The Ministry of Finance announced on Thursday.

According to the Vietnam News Agency (VNA), the country has scored 6 points in all three factors: transparency, public participation and budget monitoring compared to 2019.

Last year, we scored up to 100 points for transparency and 44 out of 80 points for budget monitoring. The public participation score reached 17, surpassing the world average of 14.

According to the ministry, the results of OBS2021 show Vietnam’s efforts to improve budget transparency over the years. The country has announced a three-year national finance and budget plan and has endeavored to adopt good international practices to make citizens’ budget reports more publicly understandable.

The state has also provided citizens with easier access to financial and budgetary information to attract the attention of the public and encourage the public’s participation in budget planning and oversight.

OBS is a world-independent, comparative and fact-based research tool that assesses public access to central government budget information using internationally recognized standards. A formal opportunity for the public to participate in the national budget process. The role of budget oversight bodies such as legislatures and national audit firms in the budget process.

WAM / Esraa Ismail / Rola Alghoul

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