Berlin, June 19, 2022 (WAM)-Burning wildfires in the woodlands of southwestern Berlin have spread further, but the flames have weakened, a fire brigade spokesman said earlier on Sunday. ..

A helicopter measured the area. Currently, about 100-110 hectares are affected. The fire spread south / southeast, the spokesman said, quoted by dpa.

Wildfires near the town of Treuenbrietzen in Brandenburg initially covered about 60 hectares on Friday and temporarily dropped to 40 hectares on Saturday.

Fire brigades have previously been able to prevent flames from crossing the closed local federal highways. However, the expected gusts and winds late Sunday are a source of concern. Germany is currently hot in early summer.

Treuenbrietzen is about 70 kilometers southwest of Berlin. In 2018, wildfires destroyed about 400 hectares of forest and forced more than 500 people to leave nearby villages.

WAM / Hatem Mohamed

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