Dubai, July 18, 2022 (WAM)-The World Health Assembly (WHA) is a resolution submitted by the UAE during the 75th Congressional meeting in Geneva, May 21-28, 2022. Was unanimously approved. United Arab Emirates cap.

The resolution, which focuses on improving quality of life, is the first kind approved by WHA, which operates under the umbrella of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Historical achievements show that the UAE has become a more influential and active country than ever before, with increasing global strategic leverage.

All representatives from all WHO regions attending the meeting approved the resolution. Participants congratulated the UAE and its leadership on the approval of the resolution after it was effectively drafted and reached consensus in consultation with stakeholders.

The new milestone is a testament to the great efforts of the UAE to raise the standard of living of the UAE people and make them the happiest country on the planet. This resolution shares the UAE’s experience in this regard with the world.

Minister of Health and Prevention Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed bin Nasser al-Owais, President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, Vice President Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, Chief of Dubai Congratulations to the Prime Minister and Ruler of the country, and their Supreme Prime Minister. Council members and emirate rulers on historic success.

“This is undoubtedly a wonderful achievement that we are grateful and proud to be part of the UAE and exemplify the principles of civilization that the country has established to ensure a better present and brighter future for all. “We are,” said Al Owais.

“Furthermore, this is a global recognition that only amplifies our efforts to promote global collaboration and improve the quality of life of people. The resolution is that we are to the governments of the world. It’s a legitimate and formal way to convey an extraordinary experience of quality of life. ”

The Minister said the UAE has become an integral partner in several global initiatives and strategies. “The UAE’s strong presence and outstanding international status must be wisely directed by our leadership, always ready to support global policies aimed at building a brighter future for humanity. It wouldn’t have been possible, “he said.

“The continued achievements of the UAE are undoubtedly the result of a positive vision adopted by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Arnachan, who prioritized improving the quality of life of the UAE and around the world. This well-thought-out approach is Driven by clear goals and strong determination, the United Arab Emirates embarks on a new journey for the next 50 years. Write another success story. ”

Dr. Mohammed Salim al-Orama, Deputy Secretary of Health and Prevention, emphasized that the adoption of the UAE resolution is not an average feat, but culminates in a dynamic vision of national leadership. It also introduces the UAE’s excellent diplomatic efforts.

“The UAE’s proposal, in consultation with Member States, provides for the establishment of a comprehensive framework for promoting quality of life and well-being for individuals and societies in different countries,” said Al Orama. Added that it helps to achieve 17 sustainable achievements. Development target (2030).

He praised the important role that Emiratis diplomacy played in formulating the proposal. This included extensive consultation with many countries to reach a consensus version before it was adopted.

“This achievement will undoubtedly enhance the UAE’s soft power, enhance the country’s reputation around the world and emphasize its civilized image, identity and unique culture,” said Al Orama.

Dr. Hussein Abdul Rahman Al Land, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Public Health, said the WHA-approved proposals are being made to improve quality of life locally, locally and internationally in the UAE. He emphasized that the effort constitutes a quality addition.

“Because the UAE respects and prioritizes the well-being of people, we make great efforts to ensure the prosperity, well-being and stability of all those who live in the soil. To achieve this goal, Realize and share the National Welfare Strategy of 2031. From this country’s experience in the world, the United Arab Emirates has adopted this approach to the director of the World Health Organization to the highest levels of health and well-being. ” Arland added.

He revealed that it took about nine months for the resolution to be prepared and discussed with other countries to identify key pillars that could improve quality of life.

Dr. Aisha Musabi, Director of Quality of Life and Sustainable Development, said: I was ready. ”

“The resolution is the first in the world to propose the development of a global framework for quality of life, and the UAE will soon begin working with the World Health Organization to draft the framework. It will be discussed in the community and submitted to the World Health Organization Executive Council for final approval. ”

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