ODESA, 20 August 2022 (WAM) — United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said on Friday that developing countries could buy Ukrainian grain at a request from the Black Sea port of Odesa as world markets began to return. We called on wealthy nations to help buy it. World Humanitarian Day.

Grain-carrying ships have set sail from there under a recent UN-brokered agreement, and Guterres said Odessa is a symbol of what countries can achieve when working together for the common good. I was.

The UN Secretary-General has made a special call to rich countries on behalf of vulnerable peoples around the world who are bearing the brunt of the global food crisis.

“As these ports open, it appeals to wealthy countries to open their wallets and hearts. After all, moving grain doesn’t make much sense for countries that can’t afford it,” he said. rice field.

“It is a time when we need massive, generous support so that developing countries can buy food from this port and other ports. People will be able to buy it. They need access to debt relief now.They need resources to invest in people.Now.”

The Secretary-General also called for further action to ensure full global access to Ukrainian food, Russian food and fertilizer through the Black Sea Grains Initiative.

While no one expected the deal to be “smooth sailing,” he added that it was unprecedented in both its scope and scale and still has a long way to go.

Guterres explained that sourcing more food and fertilizer from Ukraine and Russia is essential to further calm commodity markets and bring prices down.

“But remember that what we see here in Odessa is only the more visible part of the solution. related to unhindered access to, not subject to sanctions.”

“If we don’t have fertilizer in 2022, we may not have enough food in 2023,” so it’s important that all governments and the private sector work together to bring them to market, he warned.

The Secretary-General underlined his deep commitment to these objectives, saying they will only be achieved if all parties work together.

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