Emotional Paul O’Sullivan said goodbye to Hong Kong with the winner when Frankie Lore Fuchuen won his first trainer’s championship in Sha Tin on Saturday.

O’Sullivan was amazed not only by his own reaction, but also by the crowd and jockey Zac Purton’s reaction after the turquoise alpha sent back to New Zealand at a high price after salute with a Class 4 Solar Hey Hey Handicap (1,800m). rice field.

“I was very emotional and was surprised to take about 1,000 selfies with the crowd,” O’Sullivan said.

“I made a mistake going through [crowd] So I said a lot of goodbye to many people I didn’t know about. It was very good. I can’t say I like it, but I’m glad to know that I don’t dislike it. “

O’Sullivan is usually not the most vibrant after the win, but it was in good shape after leading his best friend Paton to the fifth championship.

“I thought the horse would run well. He was a bit inconsistent, but the fact that Zack behaved as if he had beaten Derby and gave me a big hug makes it a special day. “He said.

“I didn’t think I would be so emotional. I was lucky to win many races, and I just won them, nodded and went out of the weighing room. , You win the race, it’s great, and you move on, but this was the last day.

“Zack and I have had a great relationship. The fact that it made a lot of sense for Zack was very good.”

O’Sullivan is happy to leave the city high, in good shape with the runners, and with happy memories.

“Of course I miss that place, but that’s certainly not the place I want to retire,” O’Sullivan said.

“It’s a good time to go home. I’m really happy that these three months have been so successful. I’m glad I didn’t kick the stones out. The last three months are probably the three I’ve spent here. It would have been as good as the moon.

“When I came to Hong Kong, I knew I was going home someday, so I was in touch with everyone in New Zealand who I knew over the phone. I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

“I want to do the same with the people of Hong Kong on’Merry Christmas’and’Lunar New Year’. I will definitely keep in touch.”

When O’Sullivan left the stage, Law’s first trainer championship was official and the 56-year-old is ready to become a major player for years to come.

Upon entering the meeting, Rho almost certainly won, and Rho was able to begin the celebration after the closest rival John Size in the first few races drew a blank.

O’Sullivan far remembers “The Great Warrior” “Aerovelocity and his best HK moments”.

“First we need to thank the Jockey Club. I joined the club in 1981 and have been there for 41 years, and the owners were really supportive,” Lor said.

“At the moment, it’s only been five years since I got my trainer’s license. I’m really happy to win the championship this season. I’m a local trainer and local trainers can also win the championship. about it.”

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