More than 70 percent of Macau’s employees have suffered a drop in income so far this year, with most reporting a 20-30 percent year-on-year decline in wages, according to the COVID-19 epidemic for city employment. According to research on the impact of .

Macau’s largest trade union, the Macau Trade Union Confederation, conducted a survey last month, particularly after an outbreak of COVID-19 in the community in June and July, and successfully surveyed 3,462 local employees.

A survey published in the local Chinese-language newspaper Macau Daily News on Friday (today) found that 72.7% of 3,462 employees said their income would be low this year, while a similar survey found that employees Only 56.2%. It was done last year.

Over 78.5% of interviewees said their employers’ work was suspended during the 12-day partial lockdown. This is when we were forced to close all non-essential business and commercial activities to contain the outbreak in the region that occurred in July.

Of those who said their employer had stopped working, 40% were under an unpaid leave arrangement for 12 days of partial lockdown, and 40% were entitled to only half their original salary. .

According to the latest data from the Macau Statistics and Census Bureau (DSEC), the unemployment rate across Macau in May-July 2022 was 4.1%, the highest since September-November 2005. . He reached 5.4%, the highest level since such data became available in 2008.

According to the latest DSEC data, the median income for the entire city workforce in Q2 2022 was MOP15,300 (US$1,912.5) and residents MOP19,400. same time a year ago.

After the release of the findings, the Macau Trade Union Federation said, citing the Macau Daily News on Friday, that authorities will issue one more electronic consumption voucher of MOP8,000 each for residents who have already received MOP8. Said it should be issued. 000 each in vouchers earlier this year, before the latest community outbreak.

“[The scheme of e-consumption vouchers] can be effectively mitigated. [financial] We can also help small businesses operate to alleviate unemployment,” the association said.

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