The Department of Health (SSM) said the regular mandatory nucleic acid testing (NAT) program covered free testing for those at high risk of Covid-19 will continue to be paid for by the government, but the program will cover relatively low Covid-19 It’s risky, but your employer must pay for it.

The department also said people working in key Covid-19 occupations, such as bus drivers, construction workers, and staff working in bars, cinemas and restaurants, are at higher risk of contracting the virus, so regular NATs should be implemented. I emphasized that I should receive it.

At the weekly Covid-19 briefing, Wong Weng Man, deputy director of health promotion at the Department of Health (SSM), said employers should ensure workers who are covered by the government’s regular NAT program are always tested before they are tested. I said that I should not ask to receive come to work

Instead, employers only need to ensure that staff members are always NATed according to the officially required frequency.

Since Macau returned to its normalized Covid-19 prevention and control period early last week, SSM has Added more occupations and occupations to Covid-19 risk major occupations Macau is subject to mandatory nucleic acid testing more regularly than before June 18, when the latest Covid-19 outbreak began, the Macau Post Daily reported.

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