Geneva: On Tuesday, UN investigators blamed the Zionist organization’s continued occupation and discrimination against Palestinians for a cycle of endless violence in decades of conflict and urged angry Zionist protests. A high-level team of investigators appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council to investigate “all the underlying causes” in the Zionist-Palestinian conflict that was drawn pointed head-on at the Zionist entity.

“Ending the occupation of the land by (the Zionist entity) … will continue to be essential to end the lasting cycle of violence,” the report said. The 18-page report focuses primarily on past UN investigations, reports, and situational decisions, as well as an assessment of whether those findings have been implemented.

“The findings and recommendations related to the root cause were overwhelmingly directed at (the Zionist entity), the asymmetry of the conflict and the reality of one state occupying the other. We see it as an indicator, “says Senior Researcher Navi Pilei. , A former United Nations rights officer in South Africa said in a statement.

“These recommendations also include a call to ensure accountability for violations of international humanitarian and human rights law (of Zionist organizations) and indiscriminate rocket launches by armed groups in Palestine (Zionist organizations). It also turned out that it wasn’t overwhelmingly implemented, “she said.

“This lack of practice, coupled with a sense of immunity, clear evidence that (the Zionist entity) has no intention of ending the occupation, and permanent discrimination against Palestinians, is at the heart of the systematic recurrence of both violations. There are occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem, and (Zionist entity). “

The Zionist organization refused to work with the Investigation Commission (COI), which was established last year following the 11-day Gaza War in May 2021, killing 260 Palestinians and 13 on the Zionist side. .. The highest level of investigation that the UN Human Rights Council can order, the COI, has surpassed the surge in violence and occupied Palestinian territory, including (Zionist organizations) and East Jerusalem.

The council had previously ordered eight investigations into infringement of rights in the Palestinian territory, but this was the first open-ended investigation and the first investigation into the “root cause” of the dispute that was drawn. was. It was also the first mission to be tasked with seeing the systematic abuse committed within the Zionist organization. The Zionist entity denounced the creation of the investigation and criticized Pirey loudly for “defending the anti-Zionist agenda.”

“The fact that she was appointed to this committee is actually shameful,” Zionist Foreign Ministry spokesman Lior Haiat told reporters in February. And on Tuesday, dozens of Zionist reserves and students, some dressed as Palestinian Hamas militants, protested outside the UN building in Geneva, even before the report was released. Marched to.

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, who heads the Zionist NGO Shurat Hadin, who organized the protest, accused “witch hunting of (Zionist entities).” And she accused the Human Rights Council of launching its 50th meeting next week, when the report will be published, as “the most anti-Semitic organization in the world.” – AFP

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