Energy should not be a luxury, says Vettel


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Prime Minister says ensuring adequate supplies over winter is government priority

Prime Minister says ensuring adequate supplies over winter is government priority

Energy Minister Claude Turmes (left) and Prime Minister Xavier Vettel (right) at a press conference on Friday.

Photo credit: Luxembourg Wort

By Gabrielle Antar and Heledd Pritchard

Prime Minister Xavier Vettel said on Friday that home heating “must not be a luxury” due to high energy prices and gas shortages caused by Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

“We take these concerns very seriously,” Bethel said at a press conference with Energy Minister Claude Turmes.

Energy shouldn’t be a luxury, Vettel said, and people’s salaries shouldn’t determine whether they can afford it.

The war in Ukraine has sent energy prices skyrocketing, adding to an already high cost of living around the world. EU member states have agreed to voluntarily cut gas consumption by 15% from August to March, and the European Commission said earlier this week it was planning emergency measures to keep electricity costs down. Stated.

Another goal of Europe’s desire to reduce Russia’s intake of gas is for Moscow to use its revenues to fund the war, which has already killed thousands of civilians. Vettel said it was a priority for the government to ensure adequate supply for

EU energy ministers are set to discuss how countries should respond to the crisis at a meeting next week. Measures such as price caps, cuts in electricity demand and contingency taxes on energy companies are being considered in Europe.

“We know that Luxembourg alone cannot solve this crisis,” Vettel said. “It’s utopian to think so, and that’s why we are determined to get a solution in Europe.” Coinciding with the bloc’s meeting, Luxembourg launched a campaign to save energy. It encourages people to do what they can in their homes and suggests things they can do at home to reduce their energy use.

Vettel said gas reserves should not be limited to individual countries but should be used collectively in Europe. Luxembourg households pay high gas bills and are likely to get even higher in the coming months, Turmes said earlier this week. Gas prices for his typical four-person household could rise by nearly 80%, said Luxembourg energy supplier Enovos.

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