16-year-old ballet dancer Logi Guðmundsson entered the prestigious San Francisco Ballet School in the US this fall. RÚV reports that Logi was offered a full scholarship to attend school.

How did Logi start ballet? Billy Elliott at the Reykjavik Municipal Theatre, when he was eight years old.Since then, he’s dedicated himself to his craft, practicing six days a week, doing heavy stretching nightly, and focusing specifically on agility. always practicing, always [trying to] I do better than last time,” he told an interviewer before demonstrating a front split.

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Logi was offered a place at the school after Helgi Tómasson, the San Francisco Ballet’s artistic director and chief choreographer, invited him to attend a course at the school this summer.

Gudmundur Hergason, Principal of the Icelandic Ballet Academy, said: “It’s really hard to get into a school like that. I’m incredibly proud [Logi] I look forward to seeing what happens next. ”

The 16-year-old’s entry into the prestigious San Francisco Ballet School first appeared in the Iceland Review.

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