The number of groups of non-resident foreigners has increased from today – In particular, Foreigners without a Macau ID card It will allow direct entry into Macau from mainland China without a prior entry application.

According to the Novel Coronavirus Response Coordination Center, the new measure will apply to travelers with visas that allow them to return to mainland China without the need to apply for a new visa, provided they have not visited any country or region outside mainland China. intended for people. Within 10 days from the expected date of entry into Macau.

The Center noted that since June, certain groups of non-resident foreigners have been allowed to enter Macau directly from mainland China without having to apply to the Macau Health Department in advance. These include Foreign Non-Resident Workers (NRWs), families of professional NRWs who have obtained special permits to stay in Macau, foreign students enrolled in higher education institutions in Macau, Need to travel between Macau frequently.

Beneficiaries of the new measures include foreign nationals holding valid residence permits in mainland China for work, personal matters, or family reunification, and valid diplomatic, official, or various groups of foreigners, such as foreigners holding courtesy visas. Chinese authorities.

The new measures also cover those with valid Portuguese passports. Moreover, unlike other foreigners, Portuguese passport holders entering Macau do not need to hold a visa to return to mainland China.

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