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Kuwait: Kuwait Equestrian Center – Kuwait Subang will kick off the first round of the 2nd Kuwait Horse Racing League with a large number of male and female riders from various local clubs.

Today (Friday) competition will be for heights 70-90 cm, 100-105 cm, 110-115 cm, 120-125 cm and 130-135 cm, while tomorrow (Saturday) will be for heights 110, 120, and continue at 130 cm. , the competition for the grand prize will be 140 cm. The prize for the first round is his KD million against the first place winner.

Kuwait Equestrian Federation President Masood Juhar Hayat said: “Last season saw a remarkable development in Kuwait’s equestrian activity and the season was a success by any standard, as acknowledged by the riders and their families.” said that we are always looking to improve and develop, and the season saw the organization of the first local league under a first-elected board that included both experienced and younger members.

Masood said, “I have competed in three international championships in two- and three-star categories, one of which has qualified for the World Cup. Organized 6 marathons, including a prize pool of over KD 186,000.

Kuwait International Referee Nabila Al-Ali, who is also secretary-general of the Kuwait Equestrian Federation, said the league will start today (Friday) and will feature a large number of riders from local clubs. He said his local league has his eight championships, each lasting his two days and running for pros, amateurs, and juniors. She said more than 300 riders will participate, along with two- and three-star international championships.

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