Manchester City and Liverpool have boosted the forward line next season with the purchase of millions of pounds of Erling Haaland and Darwin Núñez.

Both players are traditional number nines, with Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp slightly deviating from the recently adopted tactics.

However, the fact that the top two Premier League teams have won real center forwards suggests that their approach will be fine-tuned for next season.

Here we are considering what PA news agencies expect from the duo.

Who made the best deal?

City on the face of it. Haaland is £ 51m, cheaper, a year younger, and even at the age of 21, more pedigrees have been proven. Harland scored 86 goals in 89 Borussia Dortmund games and 29 goals in 27 games in Red Bull Salzburg. He is 21 years old in Norway. Nunez is more cheeky, with 34 of Benfica’s 41 games last season showing his potential, and he just arrived in Europe from Uruguay in 2019.

Why do we need a new striker when neither the city nor Liverpool lacked firepower?

For Citi, their upgrade came 12 months after leaving a firm interest in England’s Captain Harry Kane because of his price tag. Guardiola took turns between Raheem Sterling, Bernardo Silva, Phil Foden, etc., and although Haaland Jesus was infrequently used, he stuck mainly with False Nine, but a thorough goal scorer like Harland, Offers another more traditional option. Mohamed Salah provided Liverpool’s goal weight, but when his form began to dry in the last three months of the season, both Sadio Mané and Diogo Jota had good scoring spells. rice field. However, Klopp’s team played in three finals and won twice, but despite creating many opportunities, they couldn’t score in normal times.

Who can get the job done more easily?

Erling Blaut is expected to start running with the city (David Inderlied / PA)

Haaland, who has experience in the Bundesliga, is expected to be thrown straight as 9th and maintain his amazing ratio of goals to the game. He will have many chances in the cityside, where he scored 99 times in the Premier League last season. Nunez would benefit from a full pre-season at his new club, but Klopp was often hesitant to push the new signature directly into action, with the rare exception of January arrival Luis Diaz. I did. The possibility of a mane departure opens up space on the front line, but Núñez, at least early on, especially because Klopp himself said the player was “work in progress”, Jota for a central role. And you may find yourself competing with Roberto Firmino.

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