Sindre Finesse, the husband of former Prime Minister Erna Solberg, writes a book about life on the side of Solberg. Finnes and Solberg have been married for nearly 30 years, so he clearly has some stories.

Sindre Finesse was also on the side of former Prime Minister Erna Solberg when he had trouble hosting Solberg’s 60th birthday party during the Corona crisis. She was finally fined for breaking her own government rules because her guests were too many.Photo: Grab the Facebook screen

After publisher Aschehoug announced the book project last week, Finnes himself was the mother of the project and told the newspaper VG and the news agency NTB “no big comments.”

Aschehoug, meanwhile, promises “new and amazing information” about political scandals and power struggles. Finnes is known for her loyalty to Solberg and has also won her honor from her Conservatives for her constant support of Solberg throughout her long political career. The couple had two children, and Finesse was most responsible for her home front.

Title book Ved Ernas side (Erna side) Scheduled to be released in October. staff

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