Frank Dunne, a member of the Dunnes Stores family, has challenged the High Court over access to his stud farm for power line refurbishment work.

His renowned owners and trainers claim that access for workers to land in Dunboyne, Meath, affects blood stock and reproductive activity.

Dan was the owner and trainer of Stanerra, the only Irish horse to win the Japan Cup.

He and horse breeder Ann Marshall, along with their company Hamwood Stud, have two separate projects for the ESB and Eirgrid projects to refurbish the 22 km power line between Maynooth and Woodland. We have taken interrelated actions.

Dunne and Marshall say the intended work has a “significant impact” on the blood stock and breeding operations of the prize., There is a risk of damaging the “global” reputation of hamwood studs, and there is a “real outlook” for fetal miscarriage between mares and cows.

They say they noticed the work intended when the ESB issued a wave leave notice requesting access to their land last February.

In the draft development plan, Eirgrid states that line upgrades are needed to ensure grid constraints and additional capacity. This refurbishment should extend the operating life of the 220kV line by 35 years.

In their actions, horse breeders are claimed to have a “direct link” between the line project and the development of the substation of the multinational technology company Intel, resulting in errors at various stages of the planning process. Claims to have occurred.

They argue that these projects should have been considered cumulatively.

It is also alleged that the procedure for managing exempt development applications under the 2016 Planned Development Act violates European Union law.

Dunne and Marshall also claim that, contrary to the Habitats Directive, there were various flaws in the environmental screening of the effects of these two projects. They also claim that their right to public participation in the planning process was violated.

Their proceedings are against Kildare County Council, Meath County Council, Eirgrid PLC, Attorney General, and Ireland. The second action asks for an order to revoke the ESB’s decision to issue a wave leave notification in connection with access to the land.

Judge Charles Meenan has allowed the applicant to file a judicial review proceeding. He postponed the problem.

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