Momentum around environmental, social and governance (ESG) is building in Qatar due to several government initiatives, efforts to diversify the economy and increased disclosure requirements on sustainable practices and reporting. Invest Qatar recently reported that the Middle East investment community is excited about his ESG trends as ESG considerations are increasingly being incorporated into investments and emerging as the most popular approach to sustainable investing. doing.

The transition to sustainability will fundamentally change how countries need to think about competitiveness and attracting investment, says ‘The Road to ESG Investing: Financing Qatar’s Sustainable Growth’. The entitled report points out.

The Qatar Investment Promotion Authority (IPA Qatar) promotes FDI and recognizes the importance of ESG in shaping the future of the investment climate and, in line with Qatar’s National Vision 2030, invests across Qatar’s sustainable development sector. pursues the important role of promoting and facilitating .

“Attracting sustainability-conscious investors, providing investment solutions, and connecting with relevant stakeholders to steer investment to lucrative opportunities are at the core of IPA Qatar’s goals,” the report said. rice field.

The report provides an overview of FDI’s integral role in promoting sustainability initiatives and highlights a range of sustainable finance opportunities in Qatar. It also provides further analysis and recommendations for the transition to ESG-based investing.

Citing United Nations estimates, the funding shortfall for reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Arab countries is estimated at at least $230 billion annually, the report notes.

“Qatar’s continued efforts create lucrative opportunities for both sustainable financial investors looking for investment opportunities and companies keen to expand their international operations. An important source of investment in capacity for large-scale projects in infrastructure, natural capital, and Qatar is an emerging hotspot for such ESG-related projects.”

The report says IPA Qatar is making concerted efforts through various approaches to attract and capture ESG benefits from FDI. Some initiatives include providing a platform to access the available mix of financial, financial, and regulatory incentives for setting up a business; This includes targeting investments in sectors and activities, and reducing information asymmetries and other barriers. investment.

As a single and complete source of investment solutions, IPA Qatar helps connect investors to the right people, resources and platforms throughout the investment process.

IPA Qatar provides a platform for investors to access key stakeholders such as regulators, parliamentarians, supervisors, financial institutions, large corporations, SMEs, NGOs and universities that play an integral role in sustainable development. Acts as a gateway. The recent milestones achieved by the nation are made possible by these different entities working in concert with each other to achieve a common goal.

“Sustainable investments represent a significant opportunity and Qatar seeks to attract both issuers and investors to its capital markets to boost its financial sector. It is still in progress and is a committed effort underway by all the key stakeholders involved,” the report said.

“Ongoing initiatives reflect Qatar’s unwavering commitment to achieving its sustainability goals, and planned initiatives require significant investments to implement. , has committed to zero routine flaring by 2030, with a long-term goal of minimizing flaring at onshore facilities.In early 2021, Qatar Energy will comply with the Paris Agreement We have updated our sustainability strategy in 2022 in line with our goals and have launched a plan to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 35% by 2030,” he added.

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