Singapore-A man allegedly attacking a couple with a knife in a residential area of ​​Yishun on Thursday was charged in court on Saturday morning (June 25).

Abdul Karim V. Sikander, 58, was accused of voluntarily seriously injuring himself by dangerous means.

He appeared in court via videolink while being handcuffed in the remand.

He wore a white polo T-shirt and a blue mask.

According to court documents, Karim was accused of attacking Sri Bandiya and Dan Bangjit Sim Min Dar Singh on Thursday night at 510A Yishun Street 51 with a 26 cm knife.

He did so while receiving a remission order between April 2020 and October this year, and is said to be likely to face harsher judgments.

District Judge Sarah Tan has granted a prosecution’s application to remand Karim of the Mental Health Institute for psychiatric observations.

Karim will return to court on July 8.

The Straits Times reported on Friday that the attack was said to have occurred after repeated feuds between Karim and a couple (male 62 and female 41).

Neighbors said the three had been enthusiastic over the past week, including once on Wednesday when a man allegedly threatened a couple with a knife. He returned Thursday and allegedly attacked them.

Police said the attack resulted from a previous dispute between both men who knew each other and the victims were taken to the hospital.

At the location of the incident on Friday, traces of what looked like blood were seen from the elevator lobby to one door in the rental apartment.

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