File Photo: The USB-C to Lightning Cable adapter can be found on October 19, 2017 at the new Apple Store in Chicago, Illinois, USA. REUTERS / John Gress

All smartphones and tablets must use a common charger under the interim European Union Agreement signed on Tuesday.
The plan will force all companies, especially Apple Inc., to use USB-C chargers in phones, tablets, e-readers, and digital cameras, negotiators said.
The plan, announced last year by the European Commission, will be tentatively approved on Tuesday, saving consumers an estimated € 250 million ($ 267 million) each year. The European Parliament and 27 EU countries need to approve the agreement. Mobile phone and tablet manufacturers must comply by the fall of 2024.
“General chargers are the norm for many electronic devices in our daily lives. European consumers will be able to use a single charger for all portable electronic devices. Increases convenience and reduces waste. “
The proposal originally offended Apple and said it would reduce innovation. However, the company is currently testing future iPhone models that will replace the current Lightning charging port with the more popular USB-C connector.

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