Singapore-By the end of the year, Eunos Polyclinic will launch Singapore’s first vending machine for self-collecting prescription drugs, allowing patients to skip lines and get medicines immediately after seeing a doctor.

This is part of Polyclinic’s efforts to provide patients with a complete digital visit experience, from booking and registering appointments to payments and drug orders.

You can also get telemedicine through telemedicine programs such as video consultation, telemedicine monitoring, and telemedicine support.

1 With the official launch of the Polyclinic at Chin Cheng Avenue, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung emphasized the importance of a team-based approach to primary health care. ..

“A typical team has up to three family doctors, and its central responsibility is to adopt a relationship-based approach to good chronic disease management,” he said.

“A good relationship is trustworthy, and trust is the patient’s willingness to listen to the doctor’s advice, so that the patient can self-monitor and self-care.”

The Minister said it is important for individuals to take responsibility for their health and learn how to take care of themselves with the help of doctors in order for Singapore to achieve better health outcomes.

This can be achieved through services provided by registered nurses who act as care managers, such as counseling chronic illnesses and teaching patients the skills needed to manage a stable chronic condition.

Other members of the patient’s health care team will be screened before the patient’s examination to determine if the patient has an underlying chronic illness, if they have received relevant vaccinations, and if they are in a state of mental health and weakness. May include a care coordinator to provide.

There may also be care coaches investigating social aspects of health such as family issues and lifestyle adjustments, as well as related medical and hospital specialists.

“The care team needs to know that the entire healthcare system supports their work for patient care,” said On.

Eunos Polyclinic’s approach is in line with the Ministry of Health’s healthier SG strategy, which was unfolded in Congress in March in the budget debate. This initiative shifts from the traditional approach of disease-based hospital care to a more sustainable way of patient-centric preventive care.

A white paper on strategy will be published in Congress later this year.

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