The organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest said they are in talks with the BBC that they “may hold” an event in 2023 after concluding that next year’s contest cannot be held in Ukraine.

In a statement, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) conducted a “complete assessment and feasibility study” between Ukraine’s national broadcaster UA: PBC and outside experts as Russia’s invasion continued. Said.

However, Eurovision still states that it is “one of the most complex television shows in the world.”

“EBU thanked UA: PBC for their sincere cooperation and commitment to investigate all scenarios in the weeks following Kalush Orchestra’s victory in Turin on May 14, and next year’s contest. Share the sadness and disappointment of not being able to hold in Ukraine.

“The EBU has supported UA: PBC in all areas since the invasion. We guarantee that this support will continue so that UA: PBC can maintain the essential services it provides to Ukrainians.

“As a result of this decision, in order to comply with the rules and ensure the continuity of the event, the EBU may begin discussions with the BBC as the runner-up this year and host the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in the United States. ..

“It is our full intention that the Ukrainian victory will be reflected in next year’s show. This will be a priority for us in the final discussion with the host.”

Britain’s Samrider took the lead in a jury trial in Turin, while the Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra continued to win the overall championship after a symbolic show of public support that soared to the top with 631 points.

They have been the leading candidates since Russia invaded Ukraine in February. This has led the organizers to ban the competition of Russian participants.

Ukraine entered the international contest in 2003, and with its three victories, Ukraine has become one of the most successful new competitors, winning in 2004 and 2016 as well.

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