Labor Party Leader and Opposition Leader Pritam Singh spoke at the WP Youth Volunteer Town Hall on Saturday (3 September), paving the way for grounding and regularity in the party’s efforts to “speak the voice of the people of Singapore”. stressed the importance of effective outreach.

“It’s always eye-opening to hear young Singaporeans talk about issues they care about,” he wrote in a Sept. 4 Facebook post.

Nicole Shea, the party’s youth wing president, called it “An insightful afternoon for attendees. ”

“LO was a member of the WPYW exco when he was elected to Congress in 2011, so it was also a trip down memory lane!” Youth Wing noted.

In fact, Mr. Singh looked back on his own experience at the beginning of his speech, saying, ‘I really remember some events we tried to organize.’

He invited attendees from the IRO, an interreligious or non-governmental organization in Singapore, to discuss with the WP “multiethnicism, respect for different faith groups, and racial harmony in Singapore.” I said yes.

However, the invitation was declined despite some IRO members “supporting the request and eager to participate”.

“The best thing about being in a youth-related organization like the Workers’ Party Youth League is that you don’t care so much about what other people think of you, and just try to be adventurous and unconventional. I think.”

However, he added that they needed to clarify their thoughts at the party’s Central Executive Committee before doing anything.

Singh also said he gleaned from the list of attendees that some were related to the causes they embraced, “ranging from advocating for foreign workers to many other activities.”

He stressed: ”

He also said that WP cannot rest on its laurels as everything it has achieved could be lost.

“But let me be clear, no one in the Workers Party should have any illusions that the Workers Party has arrived. If you’re not rowing in the same direction inside, it can easily get messy and lost.”

Hence the importance of visiting homes on weekends and spreading the word to the public through activities such as hammer sales and WP newsletters.

“Through these activities, we get a personal sense of our middle-class society and meet people we might not have the chance to meet in our daily lives. and, in turn, revealing what is politically possible and what is not, which is not something that happens over the course of one, two, or even months of such engagement, but many It takes effort and time,” he added.

Singh also said he and his fellow members of the WP are “determined not to let down the Singaporeans”.

“The unity with our brothers that we seek as a nation will weaken, and this will wreak havoc not only on our political system, but also on our sense of the nation. Let us never forget that the primary outcome the Party seeks is a better Singapore for all Singaporeans and a home that we can all be proud of.” /TISG

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Post “Everything we’ve achieved can easily get messy and lost…if the party doesn’t row in the same direction in the public eye” — Pritam Singh WP Youth Wing Independent Says First Appeared on Singapore News – Latest Breaking News

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