A temporary export ban was imposed on rare paintings in the race to find buyers so that Nicolas Poussin could stay in the UK.

As you can see, this painting is part of the Seven Sacramento series and is considered the artist’s most important mission, so it could earn £ 19m.

It dates from 1637 to 1640 and symbolizes Poussin’s visual expression, intense emotions, and the technique of harmony of design based on abstract shapes.

This painting has had a great influence on British art for the past 240 years. I sincerely hope that the buyer will come forward to save it for the country.Parkinson’s Minister of Arts, Whitley Bay

Sir Parkinson, Minister of Arts of Whitley Bay, who imposed a temporary bar on paintings that have existed in Britain for over 240 years, said: The most sophisticated work on the committee.

“This painting has had a great influence on British art for the past 240 years. I sincerely hope that buyers will come forward to preserve it for the country.”

The decision to apply for a license has been postponed until January 9, which may be postponed to July 9, 2023 if there is a serious pledge commensurate with the asking price.

The confirmation was declared by the Jury on the Export of Works of Art and Objects of Cultural Interest to be a very important painting for the study of Pushan’s work and its impact on British art and culture.


Gallery workers see Nicolas Poussin’s “Victory of Bread” (Danny Lawson, PA) on the shelves.

Christopher Baker, a member of the Commission, said:

“He takes you to the early days of Christianity and depicts a solemn ritual with a deep knowledge of archeology and the highest artistic sensitivity.

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“Confirmation is arguably the most accomplished in the series, which shows that the children carefully adjust all gestures and gazes to quietly confirm their faith in front of the priest, who is watched by the family. ..

“Such inspiring paintings will represent a powerful addition to the artist’s work in the British collection.”

According to the National Gallery website, Poussin was born in Les Andelys, Normandy in 1594 and was first trained in Rouen. He later worked in Rome and died there in 1665.

No details have been given as to who currently owns the painting.

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