Meta Platforms Inc. will allow more users to create multiple profiles with their Facebook account. This is the company’s latest attempt to facilitate posting and sharing on social networks.

As part of the test, a particular Facebook member can create up to four additional profiles, and each member does not need to include an individual’s real name or ID.

Users can, for example, have one for friends and one for colleagues, each with their own feed. However, you can only comment and appreciate another post with one profile.

Meta is stepping up efforts to drive engagement with the world’s largest social networks, which are slowing growth, especially among young users.

Facebook previously offered multiple profiles, but in a more limited way. For example, public figures could manage multiple profiles over the years, and the company allowed users to create different identities for dates and colleges.

Compliance with Facebook’s content policy requires an additional profile and is associated with the user’s core account. This means that a rule violation in one profile affects another.

When launching a student profile, Meta executives said they were looking to interact around specific interests rather than what users might find in their main social experience.

According to a spokeswoman, Facebook wants users to use multiple profiles to create individual IDs for different interests, such as games, travel, and dining.

This test does not change the way Meta calculates the total monthly or daily active users reported during revenue. The multi-profile effort is currently just a test and includes users from some US users and users from a few other countries.

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