A few months ago, Health Minister OngYeKung posted a warning on Facebook His doctor’s picture was used to endorse a “specific medical product.”

Similarly, Secretary of State Dr. Janil Puthucheary and Tan Kiat How said in a separate Facebook post on Sunday (July 10th) that the photo was modified to promote a product called “Sugar Friends Tea.”

“Advertisers have edited the photos of the MOU signing ceremony,” wrote Dr. Janil, Senior Minister of Health, Communications and Information.

“By convention, government officials do not recommend products. Be vigilant and not prey to such fake advertisements,” he added.

Mr. Tan, Senior Minister of Communications, Information and National Development, said: This photo and claim are fake. “

Both Dr. Janil and Dr. Tan shared in a post a link to the original photo of the signature of the memorandum shared by Dr. Janil on May 14.

The MOU aims to help girls studying information technology deepen their interest in this field through the Girls’ Committee on Cross-Polytechnics in the Technical Field, with the aim of helping SGW Women-in-Tech and local polytechnics. I was sighing in between. “More industry leaders wanted to join our movement to develop young engineers.”

In the photo, two senior ministers are with two women and one man, and a signed copy of the MOU is retained.

However, in the doctor’s photo, it looks like the person who had the MOU has a box of products.

A fake photo appeared in a YouTube ad.

Dr. Janil reported today that he learned of the doctor’s picture on Sunday (July 10th).

In addition, a YouTube ad claims that “Sugar Friends Tea” is a product approved by the Ministry of Health and was able to lower people’s blood sugar levels.

The ad contains links, but Dr. Janil said today he couldn’t access any of them, adding that the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) is investigating the issue.

Earlier this year, the Minister of Health wrote: “By convention, MOH officials and political appointments do not approve any medical products.”

On April 26, MOH said it was working with Facebook in Singapore to remove unauthorized and misleading posts.

“Be careful, don’t prey on such fake ads,” he urged. / TISG

“These are all fake” — images of OngYeKung used to recommend medical products

Posted by FAKE: Janil Puthucheary & Tan Kiat Image The method used to promote “Sugar Friends Tea” was first featured in The IndependentSingaporeNews-Latest Latest News.

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