Doha: Qatar says World Cup fans have “many options”, with more than 100,000 rooms currently available, and tens of thousands more expected by the tournament kickoff. They have expressed concern that they will not be able to find affordable accommodation for the World Cup, which runs from 21st May to 18th December. Qatar has received more than 25,000 bookings so far, said Omar Al-Jaber, accommodation officer for the Games Organizing Committee, who said he was talking about “bookings, not rooms or lodging”. Stated.

“Go to our website and you’ll find a lot of options,” he told reporters during a tour of available apartments in Doha. We need…because…we’re adding inventory to this portal.”As of today, we have over 100,000 rooms available,” he said. “If you go in November, it could be 130,000 or he could be over 140,000.” Supporters usually find their own accommodations for such tournaments.

However, Qatar, which is set to host the most geographically concentrated World Cup in history and has limited hotel capacity, is an official platform reserved for ticket holders and managed by the tournament organizers. According to Jaber, 85% of the accommodations, whether permanent or temporary, are now complete, with the remainder expected to be completed by the end of August “deadline”. . Jaber said visitors without match tickets will not be allowed into the country during the tournament. As of last month, the US, Mexico, UK, Argentina and India accounted for some of the largest sources of bookings. – AFP

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