Despite complaining that trading became difficult at the end of the sale last week, the factory boss actually raised the spring lamb and lamb estimates by 5-20 c / kg.

His week, however, they lower the lamb’s quote by 10-20 c / kg, but the price of culling remains the same.

In addition to farmers’ worries, Kildeachiring, the last factory to offer official hoget quotes, has reduced 20 c / kg from hoget offerings.

Kildea also lowered the lamb estimate by 20 c / kg to achieve a quality guarantee of 8.00 + 10 c / kg.

Dawn Ballyhaunis lowered the lamb estimate by 10c / kg to 7.90 + 10c / kg QA and the two ICMs by 15c / kg to 7.80 + 10c / kg QA.

The ones on the north side of the border are not so good, with spring factory estimates ranging from 29-34c / kg to € 7.37-7.43 / kg.

However, due to the weakening of Sterling last week, its price dropped to 7.31-7.37 euros / kg, making the imports more attractive to the factory.

According to data from the Livestock Meat Commission, the number of sheep born in Northern Ireland and slaughtered in the Republic by June 4 has increased by 22,695 compared to the same period last year.

So far this year, a total of 123,480 sheep born in the north have been purchased by southern processors for direct slaughter, compared to 100,785 sheep from the same period in 2021.

Sean McNamara, chairman of the ICSA sheep, said sheep farmers were indignant at this increase in imports.

“We know this was a long-standing factory tactic to reduce prices,” he said.

“But it’s really hard to see imports increase further this year, facing a desperate struggle for farmers to survive in the face of significant cost increases.”

In terms of price, Sean reported that Carew sold at 4.00-4.20 / kg, Hoget at 7.30-7.40 / kg and Lambs at 8.00-8.10 / kg.

He describes the reduction of lamb citations as follows: “

IFA counterpart Kevin Comiskey also mentioned the Eid al-Adha Festival, highlighting its traditional positive impact on the market.

On the broader question of where to get the best prices, Mr. Comiskey once again asks farmers to “resist the factory’s attempt to cut prices and consider mart outlets where raw export purchases support trade.” Prompted.

Around Mart

Balting glass

The deal here was dominated by farmers who bought lamb in the store to go to the pasture.

Lambs and pork included a maximum price of € 200 / hd for 55 kg and € 163-165 for 43-45 kg.

Better 35-37 kg lambs sold at 127-147 euros / hd, 32-34 kg at 105-114 euros / hd and 30-31 kg around 100 euros / hd.

Cast ewes and rams had a strong deal at € 78-190 / hd. Lambs with lambs at their feet will be settled at € 150-225 per unit.


Sheep near Woodbrook in Roscommon. Photo: Gerry Faughnan

Mount Belieu

Fleshy ewes trade was strong and all other sectors were strong. Three of the 92.5 kg were sold at an average of 186 euros / hd, three of 104 kg were sold at 200 euros / hd, and four of 115 kg were sold at 226 euros / hd.

On the Hoget side, three 70.3kg were sold for € 165 / hd, one for 68kg was sold for € 165 and a single for 56kg was sold for € 162.

Outstanding prices among the lambs were 170 euros / hd paid for an average of 45.3 kg for seven, 19 for 41 kg sold for 145 euros / hd and five for 48 kg at 155 euros / hd.

On the breeding side, two ewes from the first crop with twins at their feet will lead for € 398 and two lambs from the third crop with three lambs at their feet will be sold for € 206 per head. I did.


Larger sales probably explain why factory buyers didn’t push — lamb prices were generally 1-2 euros / hd lower.

The 47.5kg 13 sold for € 176 / hd and the 49.5kg 11 cost € 178 / hd. A better 43-44 kg lamb sold for € 154.50-160.50 / hd.

Among the hogets, the 52.50kg and 58.50kg 5s and 8s were both sold at 175 euros / hd, and the nine 49kgs were 170 euros / hd.

On the breeding side, seven lambs with 14 lambs at their feet sell for 220 euros per head, and two old lambs with four lambs at their feet cost 162 euros per head. It was sold.


Factory-type lambs accounted for the majority of sales here, with 42-47 kg lambs selling for € 158-176 / hd and 50 kg butcher-type lambs for € 180 / hd.

Kevin Murphy also said that the number of stores has increased slightly to € 90-105 / hd, which exceeds € / kg.

Lambs weighing over 80 kg are priced at 166-214 euros / hd.


320 sheep were put up for sale at yesterday’s sale. The deal was “stable” and Carew was once again a major attraction at € 84-220 / hd, with typical sales of € 156-215 / hd.

On the lamb side, 49-51 kg was sold for € 177-180 / hd, 44-45 kg for € 144-158 / hd and 42 kg for € 143 / hd.

At the store, 37-38 kg will be sold at 125-127 euros / hd and 35 kg will be 110 euros / hd.


At 600 yesterday, the numbers here have returned from the previous week’s high of 900.

These reduced numbers attracted more money and prices rose € 2-5 / hd.

The top call on the lamb side sold 53.5 kg for € 188 / hd, the 44 kg lamb for € 160-163 / hd, and the store 38 kg for € 139 / hd. Hoget’s small shows averaged 59kg and € 160 / hd.

Kal’s ewes weighed 107 kg and peaked at 195 euros / hd, while the majority were at 150-155 euros / hd.

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