Grinch House, New Bliss, Comonahan € 1.15 million

He was old enough to know better when James J. Kaylands scratched his name in the Grinch House research window in 1917. By that time, the proud son of the wealthy Keilan family was qualified as a doctor and was 28 years old.

However, he felt encouraged by his sister Maggie May to take him over to a medical career, so he gave a good example to his seven brothers in other ways. She has been shown as a Queens medical student in the 1911 census.

Dr. Kaylans then left his mark in another way by joining the Irish Brigade of Eoin Odafi in the 1936 Spanish Civil War. He died in 1971, but his inscription still remains in the study window.

Other traces of the house’s past (dating back to the early 19th century) include stained glass, sash windows, and a marble fireplace. However, it is also modernized, with a reasonably fashionable kitchen with granite countertops and a Rangemaster cooker, and three of the seven bedrooms on the ground floor have private bathrooms.


The dining room of Grinch House, which is operated as a guest house on the farm

The autographed study has a marble fireplace in the back, two formal drawing rooms in front of it, a drawing room and a dining room, one on each side of the entrance hall.

The total floor area is 7,800 square feet including the basement, and there is a stone annex in the courtyard.

It’s on 81.8 acres and it was a farm as well as a guesthouse. A long street leads to the house, followed by a second back alley. Each entrance has a gate lodge, one is a ruin and the other needs renovation.

About 1 km from New Bliss, the Glynch House sells for € 1.15 million along with Sherry FitzGerald Country Homes and Farms & Estates (01) 2376308.

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