A company called Father Jack is one of a group of landlords licensed by guard dogs for violating the Rent Pressure Zone (RPZ) in the last 12 months.

Despite hundreds of investigations by the Home Leasing Commission (RTB), there are only 35 sanctions for landlords not following the rent pressure zone.

Since being empowered in 2019, the RTB has launched 400 investigations into alleged misconduct by landlords, 115 of which have been conducted in the last 12 months.

Of the 400 cases, only 60 (15) were sanctioned. Details of the 38 cases have been published by the RTB, and the rest will be revealed when the relevant appeal period and management process are completed.

Thirty-five sanctions were issued for RPZ violations, one of which had to return the leasehold to the renter, and four landlords were punished for not registering the renter.

Eleven of the sanctions were imposed on only one landlord.

Propmaster Ventures Limited is located on Slaney Road, Dublin Industrial Complex in Dublin 11, and has been ordered to pay more than € 14,000 for hiking in residential areas throughout Dublin.

Brothers Alan and Norman Plendergast, owners of the furniture business Bargaintown, are also directors of the Prop Master.

Some private landlords were sanctioned between € 1,000 and € 2,500, while others were sanctioned less.

Michael J. Fox, the owner of the Light Bar Group, was also one of the landlords found in the breach.

Wright, who owns an apartment in the Raven Hall complex on Swords’ main street, has been sanctioned for € 700 for not complying with RPZ requirements.

The two-bedroom apartment is currently for sale for € 295,000.

In 2019, Wright and his wife, Kim, were found by RTB to raise invalid rents for tenants renting real estate on Ashton Court in Swords.

The RTB said the cancellation notice was also invalid and ordered the tenant to continue to pay a monthly rent of € 1,300.

A company called FatherJack Limited, with an address in Brittas, Dublin, has been sanctioned for € 539 for RPZ violations at a real estate property in Sundale Park, Tallaght.

The company states that it specializes in entertainment and recreational activities.

Father Jack Limited refunded the tenant the additional rent they charged. At the time of the sanctions, the current director was not a director.

Fourteen of the landlords were given written warnings and sanctions, and another 14 were given only written warnings. Monetary sanctions totaled € 31,240.

Currently, the RTB research unit cannot investigate cases involving deposit holdings or standards and asset maintenance.

Social Democratic Party TDCian O’Callaghan said the RTB needs to be given more power.

“It’s really unacceptable that many landlords found for rent violations disembarked solely with written sanctions,” he said.

“The RTB needs more power and stronger teeth. My office dealt with a case where the renter didn’t know the landlord’s address and the RTB didn’t investigate the serious problem. This is not enough. “

An RTB spokesperson said the Covid-19 pandemic was a “significantly affected” proceeding.

“RTB has a pipeline of cases at various stages of the process,” they said.

“The 60 sanctions confirmed by the end of May 2022 do not reflect the number of sanctions applied so far in the decision-maker’s investigation process and provide a representative sample of the amount and type of sanctions. It’s important to note that you haven’t. It will be confirmed in due course. “

We asked Michael Wright and Propmaster Ventures for comment.

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