Since writing our first book Happy in 2017, Fearne Cotton has made it our mission to spread joy.

A broadcaster, author and mother, she talks to celebrity guests about what happiness is on her podcast Happy Place ( and has published a series of books designed to help people calm down. I am writing. Now, she’s extending her fun quest to children with her new children’s book Happy From Head To Toe.

This book is designed to teach children that a happy, healthy mind is intimately connected to their bodies.

“I think the world our children are navigating is incredibly complex, and I think that’s causing more anxiety and stress for everyone,” said mother of two. says the stepmother of two. “The more tools we have to find our own happiness, rather than tying it to circumstances, other people and outcomes, the better.

“This book will show all of us that we have far more control over our own happiness than we are led to believe, and that there are simple ways to explore what happiness looks like for each of us. I hope my children will show me.”

The 41-year-old emphasizes: Our minds work better when our bodies are in balance and vice versa. “

So does she follow her own advice to help Rex, 9, and Honey, 9, live happy lives?

“I’m trying to use everything I’ve learned over the years in parenting,” she says. “That doesn’t always work. My own fears and anxieties about situations can cloud my judgment and make things very wrong.”

She suggests that her experience can help, stating: For nighttime anxiety, you can listen to online meditations, calming music, or other tools that help me.

“Even though the book talks about the ocean and nature, it’s definitely my favorite when it comes to helping my whole family feel better and be happier.”

In this book, Cotton isolates individual parts of the body and enlists the help of medical experts, “great thinkers”, and famous names (Tom Daly, Joe Wicks, Tom Fletcher, etc.) and explain how each part plays an important role in building the body. we feel happy


According to Cotton, children can use their imaginations to bring calmness and joy when they need it most. Just think about happy places. And if they’re anxious and their hearts are pounding, she encourages them to focus on positive stories and images. say.

“I loved learning about visualization,” she says when writing the book. “I think this is a really powerful tool for children and adults in situations of anxiety and tension. I learned this firsthand from Tom Daley and he uses it before his dives.It is very powerful and a great tool for reducing stress and anxiety.”


According to Cotton, your eyes can “absorb a lot of what brings you pleasure,” and certain smells can help you feel calm.

she said: Lavender is known to be a very calming scent. And now her nose and brain work as a team, reminding her that her body can relax every time she smells her lavender. “

And then there’s your mouth. “I’ve learned that talking about the emotions I’m feeling makes me feel much better later on.” And while it may feel scary in the moment, you will feel calm afterwards.

“There’s a reason they say a shared problem is half a problem!”

upper body

Cotton emphasizes the importance of good posture, keeping your shoulders and spine straight.

She’s also a big proponent of using the lungs for controlled breathing. “You’ll notice that your brain isn’t worrying as much because you’re focusing on your breathing. You might also find that breathing slower slows your heart rate, making you feel more calm and a little happier.” I can’t.”


“Many people believe that the stomach is like a second brain,” says Cotton. “Besides being conscious, what Your stomach knows you’re eating how you are eating “

She encourages children to eat mindfully, paying attention to the taste and texture of food. “This allows you to enjoy your meal more slowly and avoid indigestion,” she says.

arm and hand

Besides helping us communicate and sometimes expressing happiness (punching, high fives), our hands can bring us joy through creativity, says Cotton.

“Being creative is the perfect way to unleash yourself, have fun, and create what you love.”

legs and feet

Moving your body with the help of your legs and feet can help you feel both energized and calm, emphasizes Cotton. Need to relax? Need five minutes to move around to lift your mood? Take a moment and listen to what your body needs. “


Happy From Head To Toe by Fearne Cotton is published by Puffin. Released September 15th.

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