This summer, the focus will be on Irish rugby-New Zealand relations, but this weekend’s United Rugby Championship (URC) clashes between Leinster and the Bulls, with Stormers vs. Ulster probably in the game here. The most relevant test stone.

Or, all that keeps All Blacks the game’s most fascinating attraction, Springbok is the winning team, and Ireland has faced a world champion since Rassie Erasmus and Jack Nina Bar changed their destiny. Is not …

Their return from Münster was triggered by Ireland’s hammering me in Dublin, but the meeting between the two camps in November of this year was a much more evenly matched event in South Africa. Hiding in the Irish pool in France next year. A highly relevant fixture to launch.

Style fights and “my” slow poison approach to winning the game looks like the perfect antidote to Andy Farrell’s all-court game. After apologizing when a pornographic image was posted by his account on Saturday, he is currently working on suspicion of Twitter hacking, but Erasmus and his brains trust former Irish full-back Felix Jones. Still includes, but spends enough time to see Ireland’s tight look-Lenster’s in the five struggles against France and England and, with interest, the tight battle between Toulouse and La Rochel. Difficult.

On Friday, the Bulls will be coming to Dublin under the direction of Jake White, who won the 2007 World Cup. They bring the closest thing to the South African team’s game plan in club games.

They run it primarily with players who don’t play in the national team, but they still have a profile of the type of team that Leinster and Ireland are struggling with and deal with what the homeside comes to. The method is beneficial for both their coaching tickets and Irish.

“If you tell me that Toulouse is more like La Rochelle than the Bulls, you’ll beat Toulouse,” Leinster’s assistant Felipe Contepomy said yesterday. “If you ask me, Leicester is a very power-based team and we beat Leicester, so let’s not say we have to prove ourselves to anyone. Hmm.

“We need to make sure we continue to improve ourselves, and we compete with ourselves in making sure we improve ourselves.

“Looking at this year’s Leinster compared to last year, I think we’ve made improvements. We’re a better team than last year, and for me that’s what you’re looking for in a team. And keeps getting better.

“With a very power-based team like the Bulls, Sharks, or South African teams, I think we have different options for how to play different types of games. It’s also growing for our team. And I’m learning, so it’s great to have them.

“But I didn’t mean to compare the Bulls to La Rochelle. At the very end I lost to La Rochelle and could have done it another way and probably won the game. We weren’t too far away. We weren’t overwhelmed by La Rochelle. We weren’t beaten to every corner of the pitch.

“So we don’t go that route saying we need to prove ourselves. Yes, we continue to improve ourselves and make sure we make ourselves a better team. I have to. That’s my view. “

For Conte Pomi, the addition of South Africans to the URC has strengthened tournaments, which often struggle with positive press.

Argentines believe that many are far better than trusting it.

“I personally think URC is a great competition,” he said.

“It’s incredible for coaches to play different styles weekly and weekly. Different types of rugby, and how they adapted to different styles within your style and philosophy. That’s great.

“It’s a great tournament for the audience and everyone to attend. In terms of charm … I see a lot of rugby. Looking at the Top 14, URC is a much more attractive rugby. Top 14 There is much better rugby than many games, “contepomi added.

Indeed, the Top 4 clash should be far more competitive than Renster’s empty victory over Glasgow last Saturday. If you can handle the Bulls game, there is an optimistic reason they are learning.

Johnny Sexton, James Lowe and Tadhg Furlong are all in races suitable for Friday, and Conte Pomi says the state will not take risks if they can’t prove their strength.

Hugo Keenan is back, but Sexton (ankle) and Furlong (back) attended yesterday’s training session.

However, Conte Pomi states that it must be perfectly compliant in order to be considered.

“Hopefully three will be available, but I can’t say for sure today. Give them as much time as possible,” he said.

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