The final draft of a new amendment to the General Gaming Act has already been published by the Legislative Assembly (AL), and the final draft will be signed and approved by the Standing Committee responsible for evaluation today (Wednesday).

Game concessionaire indirect taxes have been raised from 4% to 5%, as discussed at the committee level before the new draft introduced some changes, but clients from other jurisdictions outside mainland China. If you can attract, you can reduce it.

The Macau SAR government currently imposes an effective tax rate of 39% on total casino game revenue and 35% on direct government tax, with the rest imposed on many taxes to pay for various community and social purposes. I am.

To fund the Macau Foundation’s cultural, social, economic, educational, scientific, academic and philanthropic activities, authorities have levied a 1.6% tax on the concessionaire, with an additional 2.4% on cities and tourism. Collected for development and local social security. Fund.

Under the above levy, it will be raised to 2% and 3% respectively.

However, according to a new gaming bill submitted by the authorities to the Commission today, game operators confirm that they will be exempt from these two additional taxes if they can prove that they have attracted gamblers from other jurisdictions to the SAR. I can do it.

In the final draft, the game concessioner does not have to run the casino game alone, reducing some of the debt liability of the game concessionaire shareholders.

Members of the Legislative Assembly Standing Committee responsible for assessing general game law amendments will sign the final draft today after last-minute changes, and the document will be sent to the plenary for next week’s vote. It’s a schedule.

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