He claimed he did not intend to resign, but Martin Sjogren was dismissed by the Norwegian National Football Federation (NFF) after two disastrous results at the Women’s European Championship in England. Now he downplays his departure while speculation about his replacement is rife.

Martin Sjogren claimed he had no intention of resigning as head coach of the Norwegian national women’s soccer team, but had to resign anyway after the team dropped out of the European Championships due to the defeat.Photo: Wikipedia

“The conditions before this championship were clear and we had high ambitions,” said Sjogren, after confirming that Sjogren would resign a year before the contract expired, NFF Chairman Rize Clavness. Said. “If the results didn’t match expectations, it was a natural solution for us to go different paths.” He used to call quitting “cowardly.”

Swede Sjogren has taken over as head coach of the Norwegian national women’s soccer team. (Landragget) In 2016 we have a strong team of players, all of whom excel in professional clubs. The challenge was to get them to work together.

The final European Championship of 2018 was also a catastrophe, leading to the withdrawal of star player Ada Hegelberg’s wrath. She finally returned to her national team last year and seemed to be well after her 4-1 victory, especially in the opening round against Northern Ireland. This was considered a great start. But then things got worse, with a humiliating 8-0 defeat to England, followed by a 1-0 defeat to Austria. It knocked out women from the championship, with Sjogren as head coach and Anders Jacobsen as assistant coach.

“We were all disappointed with the presentation of the European Championship in the summer,” Klaveness told reporters. “We share responsibility for the recession and there is no way for individuals to make progress. Nevertheless, when we took the lead in ending our cooperation with Martin and Anders, it was last year’s contract. It is the result of a broader, longer-term assessment that we have already discussed with them during the extension. ”She claims that they are having a“ respectful ”conversation with each other and that they are parting as friends. did.

Speculation began immediately In particular, who will replace Sjogren as the team will have to play against both Belgium and Albania in the early rounds of the World Cup qualifiers in September. Top candidates include the Norwegian national team, who won both the European and World Championships, and Hege Rize, who also played at the Olympics. Riise, now 53, also worked as an assistant coach for the US national team and briefly led the British team last year.She is also the head coach of the Norwegian team LSK KvinnerBreak through the league for the third consecutive year.

“It’s hard to find a qualified person,” he said. TV2 Commentator Mina Finstad Berg, Aftenposten Soccer expert Lar Tjærnås states that she “has experience in that role and has documented her abilities.”

Another leading candidate is Ole Gunnar Solskjær, a former Manchester United soccer star and head coach. “He has a very strong profile,” said NRK commentator Carl Eric Taupe. 49-year-old Solskjær is also keenly interested in the Norwegian national women’s soccer team and is currently on the market in search of new posts.

Other candidates include Monica Kunsen, who has built up LSK Kvinner She is currently the assistant coach of Riise on the J19 national team and could enter that post if Riise was tapped as head coach.

Aftenposten He also introduced Alexander Strauss, who led the men’s club Blanc to League Gold last year, and Nils Luxe Road, who led the J19 team to the European Championship in 2019. However, he took over Valerenga’s women’s team in January, but Strauss recently accepted the post. Since we are with Bayern Munich, neither may be available.

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