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One traveler posting on Reddit gave a thumbs up for refusing to swap seats so the family could sit together. No, he wasn’t mean, and he had perfectly good reasons for doing so.

The traveler posted on Reddit that he had taken a 10-hour flight from Greece at the end of his summer vacation.

“I booked a ticket near the front of the plane so I could be closer to the gate when disembarking.

“I personally hate traveling, so I spent a little more money to be closer.”

The problem started when he approached us to swap seats so our family of four could sit together.

“Usually that’s fine, but when you switch spots you end up going 20 rows down, which is inconvenient and you don’t get your money’s worth.”

This makes sense, but men were embarrassed and shocked when they were verbally abused and called “a********” by women in front of everyone.

Then he said to her: this is not my problem. Let’s grow up and get over it. I will not move my seat. End of story! ‘

“When I sat down, her husband apologized to me for her behavior and said, ‘She hates traveling, but if you gave her your seat, it would have been easier in the end.'”

The Internet sympathized with him, saying his reactions and actions were justified.

One person replied: they will still be together.

Another said: Pay if you want to sit with us. Good grief. “

Another person described his experience with someone who was trying to swap for a window seat: she refused. So I declined the exchange. ”

The traveler in question received 9,000 upvotes and thousands of comments, most of which said he made the right decision.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported that in May 2022, US airlines carried more than 71.2 million scheduled passengers. As more people travel, conversations about airline etiquette are on the rise online.

The Post Airline Hustle: Passengers refused to swap seats for good reason, first published by The Independent World News.

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