London: On Wednesday, flowers and other tributes were laid above Princess Diana’s former London home and the Paris road tunnel where she lost her life to mark the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. The former Lady Diana, who captivated the world with her fairytale marriage to Prince Charles, died in a car crash in the French capital on August 31, 1997. Her flag and her picture of her self-proclaimed “Queen of People’s Hearts” are in Diana Square above the gates of Kensington Palace and the Alma Bridge Tunnel.

At the Spencer family estate, Althorp House, Diana is buried in a lead-lined coffin on the estate’s secluded island, while her brother Charles Spencer lowers the Union Jack to the half-mast. “She was a global celebrity,” Claude Gautier, 79, a former photographer who came to pay tribute to a temporary memorial service in Paris, told AFP. “She was classy, ​​sporty, elegant. We’re all sad today. My flowers to her are inside,” he said, touching the badge of England’s football shirt. But my flowers never wither.” “I miss her today. Tourist Ulrike Plank, 64, added. He showed empathy, kindness and compassion to all people, regardless of class,” she added.


Diana, who was only 36 when she died, continues to be widely revered as a fashion icon and especially for navigating stifling royal conventions after her very public divorce. Last weekend, a sporty Ford Escort she once owned sold at auction for £737,000 ( $864,000). Her marital troubles will also be featured in the latest series of Netflix’s hit drama, The Crown, later this year.

Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty Magazine, said Princess Diana influenced her sons, Princes William and Harry, to be more informal than traditional royalty. “They’re more ‘touchy’ than ever,” he said, pointing to William’s hug for the English female footballer after winning Euro 2022 this month. I understand that the royal life that existed when I was your age needs very little formality.” “I want to share my mother’s spirit with my family and my children,” he said. “I want the day to be filled with memories of her wonderful work and love for the way she did it,” he added.

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