The annual phenomenon known as Flying Ants Day arrived this summer.

According to exterminators, Flying Ants Day is the time from late July to early August when insects start to mate out of their nests rather than one day.

As an indication of the increased levels of insect activity during this period, Rentokil recorded a 30% increase in ant barks in July 2021 compared to May of the same year.

During July and August, the general public may notice increased activity of winged ants around their homes and businesses.

Dublin has experienced the highest level of ant barks so far this year, accounting for 40% of all ant barks in 2022.

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Goalway is the next most affected county, accounting for 18 percent of callouts, followed by cork at 8 percent and Kildare at 6 percent.

This phenomenon occurs during the summer months when flying ants breed off their nests and start new colonies.

Flocks of ants flying from multiple colonies merge and breed in the air. It is believed that this is because the temperature, humidity and wind conditions are perfect for them.

Rentokil’s advanced technical consultants have labeled it as “Flying Ants Day,” but in reality “the period of active insect activity has been extended.”

Richard Falkner said: “Ants can enter the premises in search of food. The spread of ants does not pose a danger to the inhabitants, but it can be annoying and small problems can quickly become big problems. I have.”

“If they find a source of food, ants can lay pheromone trails that attract other ants to the area,” he added.

People can take to prevent ants from staying in the house, such as cleaning up food and liquid spills quickly, cleaning food crumbs from under kitchen appliances and units, storing food in airtight containers, etc. There are several steps as much as possible.

Rentokil also advises that if you have a pet, remove all food that you can’t eat right away.

In the yard, seal the compost and make sure all trash can lids are tightly sealed. Seals cracks and gaps around doors and window frames.

Keeping windows and doors closed is one of the most effective ways to prevent flying insects from invading your home or office.

You can also install a fly screen to prevent flying ants from invading your home with windows and doors open.

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