Canover Watson (left) and Bruce Blake

(CNS): Canover Watson found guilty of all charges against him in football fraud case and his colleague and friend Bruce Blake pleaded guilty to two of four charges against him in fraud against CONCACAF. was convicted of After a 12-week trial, the jury delivered a unanimous verdict on Friday afternoon after deliberating over nine hours over his two days. Watson, who has a similar fraud record with the Health Services Authority, faces a lengthy prison sentence, but he and Blake were released on bail pending sentencing in the New Year.

Supreme Court Justice Margaret Ramsay Hale dismissed the jury and thanked her for what she said. their exceptional service The trial lasted for almost three months. She then heard submissions from the King and her lawyers about her pre-sentence report and possible forfeiture hearings. The men were released on bail, but Watson was the only one given reporting conditions until a sentencing hearing on January 19.

A jury found Watson guilty of a secret fee in connection with three false invoices of US$1,540,900 paid to Watson for soccer kits CONCACAF was never supplied. Remaining money laundering and false accounting charges related to actions taken by Watson to hide and move money, including making loans that were converted into sponsorship agreements through the Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA).

Blake was also charged with money laundering charges, but a jury found him not guilty of those charges.

Both suspects denied all charges. Watson said the bill signed by CONCACAF officials was a legitimate business transaction, that the loan was in support of his CIFA, and that his former business partner and long-time friend Jeff his Webb was responsible for his FIFA project. He claimed it was to ensure there were no barriers to becoming president. Blake claimed to be helping his friend, and he trusted Watson when he asked him to do something.

See our previous article on CNS for case details.

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