August is a silly season, so let me pause like crazy to comment on the obvious things that might be hiding in plain sight.

With the exception of holiday hotspots, parts of the country that normally have heavy traffic (for example, roads around large cities) are now Very light in the car.

And it made me imagine how wonderful it would be if such a scenario existed in the future. for all of us.

So let me think about that a little more this sunny August. Wouldn’t it be great if one or she didn’t have to use a car all the time just to move two people and had a way and means to get to work or school or anywhere?

Yes, I know there are carpools out there that can help alleviate congestion, but clearly we need so much more of that combined thinking.

Imagine not having to use your car to commute at all. That doesn’t mean you go without it.

It may sound like a sun-drenched dream, but for many it’s just unreal.

I know it’s dreaming on my part

And I know public transport is a bad word for most people. .

My cynic usually calls it ambitious. But after a short drive through suburban Dublin where cars are scarce, I realized just how much better our lives would be.

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