If your old back is bad and your seats aren’t good, sitting in a car can be a difficult task, even on short trips.

Except for et, car reviews and weird mentions in marketing pamphlets, you haven’t heard much about the effectiveness of seats to support you.

The seat is a bit like a tire, unless it’s a super-sized sports version. Important, but boring.

Opel made a large one of their AGR certification sheets some time ago. This is an interesting science and is especially endorsed by Aktion Gesunder Rücken Spine Health Organization.

Now, Ford says that thanks to their new seats, people with bad backs don’t have to rule out owning a sportier car.

They just introduced a new Ford Performance seat for the AGR-approved Puma ST (below).

They say there are as many as 14 adjustable combinations of seats developed by the brand itself.

Most sports cars have a stiff suspension that feels good on the road and has immediate grip and steering. However, it can mean more severe up and down movements that affect the back.

Ford seats can be adjusted in 14 ways to get the maximum effect, rather than adjusting the position to the seat. That’s what most of us do and live to grimaces when you think about it, when your hips complain.

AGR certification is awarded by an independent testing committee of experts in various medical disciplines.

Back pain is a major cause of disability, and one study found that 63% of drivers suffer from back pain that interferes with their daily lives. The view of seats may change in the future.

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