The former King of Spain requested a judge on the Court of Appeals to consider the matter after losing the battle of the British High Court with his ex-girlfriend.

Danish businessman Corinnazu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn has taken legal action against Juan Carlos I seeking damages for personal injury.

She claims that he caused her “great mental distress” by spying on and harassing her.

Juan Carlos, 84, denies cheating.

Juan Carlos I of Spain on the left denied cheating (PA)

A lawyer representing Juan Carlos claimed that he “as a senior member of the Spanish royal family, he is eligible for exemption from the jurisdiction of British courts.”

The High Court ruled against the former King.

Judge Nicklin concluded that this claim could be made in the United Kingdom.

Juan Carlos’ lawyer called on Monday to grant two Court of Appeal judges permission to appeal the ruling.

Judge Nicklin refused to grant Juan Carlos permission to challenge the decision in the Court of Appeals.

The parties to the proceedings usually need to file a controversial or convincing proceeding before granting permission to file an appeal.

The judge who made the judgment or the judge of the Court of Appeal can grant the permit.

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