SINGAPORE: A lawyer facing stress at work snuck onto a neighbor’s balcony and filmed a young woman showering through a bathroom window.

A 32-year-old man was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison on Thursday (August 18) after pleading guilty to two counts of voyeurism.

Two more counts of trespassing were convicted.

CNA has not named the offender.

The man retired from law and is now working for a private company, defense attorney Shashi Nathan told the court.

The court heard that the perpetrator and victim lived in a neighboring terraced house at the time.

On the evening of November 23, 2020, a man climbed over the parapet and broke into his neighbor’s house after noticing the victim was taking a shower.

Yvonne Poon, deputy prosecutor, said she could have guessed it was a woman because of her habit of hearing women’s voices and playing videos in the shower.

He went out onto the balcony and held his phone out the bathroom window, pointing the camera inward.

The man climbed the parapet and fled home without taking any video.

After the victim changed clothes, she told her husband what had happened and they went next door to confront the assailant.

The man continued to apologize to the victim and asked the couple to keep their voices down.

He repeatedly asked if the problem could be resolved in another way and if it was possible to speak elsewhere.

He also gave the victim his phone to check photos and videos of her, but she found nothing incriminating. .

During the investigation, the man admitted that he had managed to capture a video of the victim taking a shower several months earlier.

At that time, he also listened to the voice of the victim in the toilet and climbed the railing and took a video, but it has since been deleted.

He told investigators he committed the crime because he had been stressed at work since the COVID-19 “circuit breaker” in April 2020.

Prosecutors sought 12 to 15 weeks in prison, highlighting that the man broke into the sanctuary of the victim’s home and filmed her naked.

There was a plan, according to Poon, as he paid particular attention to signs that the victim was someone taking a shower and waited until she was photographed.

She added that it was only by chance that the victim looked up at the man’s phone and saw it.

Nathan said in court that his client was a young man whose career was going well, but that he voluntarily quit being a lawyer after committing a crime.

“It shows courage. It shows his own awareness of what happened and what he needs to do to do the right thing,” the lawyer said, adding that the man was “a new man.” He added that he wanted a “start”.

Nathan sought six weeks in prison, claiming his client’s actions were impulsive and he was going through a difficult time in his life at the time.

In the ruling, District Judge Eddy Tham said the level of intrusion was high and the victim was filmed taking a shower in his own home, so the damage done to the victim was significant.

He said it was “overblown” for the perpetrators to say that taking videos of their victims could relieve their stress.

However, the man admitted to his previous crimes and showed remorse, even though the video recording could not be found.

Penalties for voyeurism are up to two years in prison, fines, flogging, or a combination of these penalties.

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