Former Love Island contestant Rachel Finney has stated that she will not accept an apology from her 2021 co-star for the “humiliating” video posted on Instagram Live.

Former luxury travel specialists have accused officials of issuing a PR statement “to cover their backs” after facing a backlash on social media.

In the live stream, a group of Brad McClellan, Aaron Francis, Jake Cornish and Tyler Krukshank discussed the “bomb” contestants who suddenly arrived at Mallorca’s villa in the 2021 season.

They burst into laughter when Finney, who was abandoned early in the series, was mentioned.

In response to the video, Finney described the man as a “fool,” adding that a year after her stint at the show, she was still publicly “bullied” and “abused.”

McClelland and Cruickshank later apologized online and said they tried to contact Finni personally.

However, in a video posted on her own Instagram story, Finney said the apology attempt was a “joke.”

“These statements made are just to save your f *** ingbacks,” she said.

“I apologize and have the courage to pretend to be accepted.

“I’m not right to anyone involved in what’s being said about me. I never do.

“I can apologize, but I can’t receive it. I haven’t received any of these apologies. I haven’t made these false statements.”

She added that such incidents have happened “many times before” and will happen again.

“Protect your back, but the only real thing that comes out of your mouth was hatred and discrimination,” she said.

“This is to save your back. It’s not true. It’s not real. We don’t know how you really feel, and I’m done.”

McClellaland previously wrote in his Instagram story:

“Watch the video again to see how this was perceived.

“This wasn’t a way of acting in retrospect, and I wasn’t 100% intended to hurt or upset her. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not that type of person. ..

“Since then, I have personally contacted Rachel and apologized for any wounds I caused.

“From the bottom of my heart. I’m really sorry.”

In response to his Instagram story, Cruickshank added that he did not “accept or support” abuse from others.

“It’s sad and disappointing to understand that my reaction to the comments on Instagram Live with the three islanders upset and offended another individual,” he said.

“Thank you for how this was received and affected others. I tried to talk to Rachel directly, and I’ll be able to talk to her when she’s ready.

“I also noticed that Rachel has been exposed to many harmful comments on various platforms. I have never been involved in this and do not tolerate or endorse this kind of behavior. ..

“I’m taking the time to look back on my involvement in this situation and what I’ve done differently.”

In her original Instagram post, Finni wrote that Instagram Live Video regretted attending the ITV2 date show for the first time.

“Despite everything that has happened so far, I still saw the experience as a blessing. No matter how badly manipulated it, it leads me to great things, so I see it as a blessing. I saw it as a club, “she said.

“But it’s TODAYYYY, and since everyone in reality imitates me and talks about me publicly like a joke, I regret having overcome it completely and attending the show. increase.

“Why is this worthy of appearing on a TV show? What do you think these real idiots are okay to publicly humiliate me and talk about me that way?”

Her fellow islander, Kaz Kamwi, shared a message of support and sought a “public and private” apology from the group.

Finni entered the villa on the fifth day and chose to couple with McClelland at Chuggs Wallis.

However, McClellaland immediately told her she wanted to find a partner and reunited with Lucinda Strafford, urging Finney to leave the show.

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