As a Galway satellite, the picturesque village of Barna to the west of the city has been built more and more in recent decades.

Perhaps in anticipation of what’s to come, a group of visionary local men in 1976 funded the purchase of two acres in the town of Troscaigh Thiar (Trusky West) for use by the community. I collected it.

Barna Sports Park, a community-owned facility with a playground, basketball and tennis courts, now occupies this location. To use the facility, you need to become a member and pay the maintenance fee. For families, it costs 150 euros a year.

No3 Thornbury faces north towards the park and playground (although you’ll have to go around the road to get there-5 minutes on foot).

This means that the back of the house is facing south, about 0.5 km away in the direction of Galway Bay, and a lot of glass on the back elevation to take advantage of both light and sea views. Is given.


Double-height living room in a 2,389-square-foot property in Barna

A best example is a double-height living room with a partially glass ceiling and a marble fireplace fitted with gas. The kitchen and dining room are double-sided, with long windows and a French door behind them leading to the garden.

The bedroom on the ground floor also has a double door to the garden. Of the other four bedrooms, three have private showers and the rooms on the second floor have double-height windows with panoramic views.

No3 is a showhouse of development, with luxurious features such as marble and walnut floors and surround sound. It’s a B3 BER of 2,389 square feet.

Barnapia is 800 meters away, a 10-minute walk and Salt Hill is about a 10-minute drive (as traffic permits).

The No3 Thornberry is priced at O’Donnellan & Joyce (091) 564212 for € 825,000.

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