Former Macau 14K triad boss Wan Kuok-Koi has released a video commenting on a recent viral video of a woman who was brutally attacked at a restaurant in Tangshan, China, every time she witnessed such a fraud. Encourage bystanders to intervene.

CCTV footage showing a woman being attacked at a restaurant in Tangshan was repeatedly trampled and beaten after refusing to advance a group of men, and spread rapidly on Chinese social media.

Nine men were subsequently identified as suspects and detained by Chinese police.

In the uploaded video, Wang, also known as the “broken tooth,” commented that violence was “inhuman” and created a wave of “national indignation.”

“Chinese traditional culture always sees respect for women as beautiful, and there is a saying that men do not fight women.” For natural reasons, men are physically stronger than women. It is also a gentleman’s etiquette for men to protect women in their daily lives, “Wang said in a video.

Former triad leaders also criticized the country’s “culture of indifference” for a series of “beating cases” currently reported “from the elderly who collapse without help.”

“Social indifference hides a serious lack of ethical culture. Chinese culture has a long history of mercy, and the few people waiting in the video cannot see the glory of this culture. “He said.

He then urged his “brothers” of the World Hong Kong History and Culture Association to “don’t wait vaguely when they see such injustices.”

Wang established the World Red Gate History and Culture Association with the clear purpose of “loving the country, organizing cultural exchange activities in various places, and communicating the history and culture of the 1911 revolution.”

In 2018, Wang said that the headquarters of the World Hongmen History and Culture Association will be established in Cambodia, issue “Hongmen Cryptocurrency” as part of the e-commerce business, and the association will establish a school that enables the lives of Chinese peoples. I did. To learn Chinese culture in other countries.

The association was approved by the US Treasury in December 2020 and was blacklisted at the forefront of triad activities.

The 67-year-old former criminal boss was released in 2012 after being imprisoned for 14 years in a series of murders and bombings in Macau.

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