According to a survey of members of the Irish Institute of Pensions Management, 42pc employed in this sector are over € 85,000.

Over the past year, more than two-thirds have earned bonuses and very few have not raised their salaries since 2017.

IIPM is a professional, educational and training institution for pension professionals. Established in 1990.

The findings said they identified strong compensation levels among members with a high level of employment security and a significant range of career advancement.

According to a survey conducted from April to June, 80% of IIPM members exceed € 55,000 per year and 14% exceed € 125,000.

The Institute’s President, Ian Slutary, said that qualified members of the Dublin-based organization are in high demand among employers at all levels, and the survey is among the members of the Institute rather than peers in the same sector. He said he identified high wages and bonuses.

Bonuses are common to 70% of IIPM members who report receiving performance-related salaries in the last 12 months, with bonuses accounting for more than 31% of one in five salaries.

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