Paris: French Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne will present government policy priorities in her first speech on Wednesday, in front of what is promised to be a storm parliament. A 61-year-old woman makes the customary “general political declaration” to start a parliamentary session. The legislative council has been scrutinized given the weak position of Bourne, head of government of the minority government. Centrist President Emmanuel Macron was frustrated in last month’s parliamentary elections, with allies falling below the majority by 39 seats. Since then, he and Bourne have failed to seduce the opposition into a coalition.

“The prime minister works 24 hours a day,” a minister told AFP this week. “She meets everyone and calls everyone. She’s really focused on listening, so we manage.” Bourne said she didn’t have a formal ally in the 577-seat parliament. Decided not to vote no confidence in his policy speech. Bruno Courtless, a researcher at Sciences Po’s Sevipov Political Science Department, explained that voting would be “too risky” for Borne, who would have been forced to resign if she lost. did. “She made the right decision, but she really had no choice.”

However, France’s disobedient French (LFI) party, which made a big profit in a June parliamentary poll, immediately demanded a distrust resolution, announcing that it could overthrow Borne. “It’s probably not going to pass, but it’s important to hear their opinion,” top LFI MP Mathilde Panot told BFM TV after criticizing the Prime Minister’s failure to vote on Wednesday. “Democracy should not be underestimated in our country,” she added. She said the far-right National Rally, which has 89 members in the new parliament, has increased tenfold and does not support the move.

“Stretched hand”

Borne’s immediate priority is to drive the law with widespread support, including a law that helps low-income households deal with the cost of living crisis and a law that releases additional funding for struggling medical services. It is expected to do. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said the cabinet’s hands were “spread” and hoped that the government could expect support from the right-wing Republicans on a bill to tackle immigration and crime.

“If I submit a bill full of common sense and a spirit of compromise, will this outstretched hand be robbed by the enemy?” He told BFM TV on Tuesday. “No one will understand,” he said, if the opposition systematically blocked the government. Without a formal coalition, every time the government passes the bill, it will require fierce negotiations with the opposition. Borne, a modest former civil servant, is also always vulnerable to a vote of no confidence from his adversaries, making French politics unpredictable and unstable for the foreseeable future. Only two months after being reelected in the second historic phase, Macron noticed that his hands were partially tied together, reducing his ability to push for reform.

Are you exhausted?

French media have recently speculated on his state of mind, with some reports suggesting that he has not recovered mentally from the retreat of parliament. Every week, right-wing Le Point said he had lost “energy, nerves, and clarity,” and left-wing Robs reported suffering from “physical fatigue.”

Rumors of Macron burning out are underpinned by reports that he frequently surfaced during his five years in office, survived a few hours of sleep at night, and often sent texts to the minister early in the morning. The cabinet reshuffle announced on Tuesday rarely infused new momentum into his government as he was unable to attract new big names. It kept most seniors in their work and brought only new faces of juniors with little political experience. “Emmanuel Macron is no longer attractive,” Bruno Retailleau, a senior right-wing Republican executive, told the CNews channel on Tuesday. – AFP

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