Published August 30, 2022

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Arnold Paul/Wikimedia Commons

Representatives of the Independence Party have submitted a proposal to take action against the birds in Reykjavik, reports RÚV.

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The proposal proposes strict measures against seagulls in Czornín, Reykjavik, and measures to prevent nesting of seagulls on the island of Kolafjörður.

City representative Kjartan Magnússon said the measure protects both human and animal life in the city, as seagulls have a negative impact on other wildlife in the city centre.

“There are the first positive measures to scare away seagulls,” says Caltan. “There is talk of shooting them, which is done in many parts of the country. Seagulls are smart birds. We need conspicuous signs to discourage them from doing so, they eat bread, ducklings, whatever, so we have to stop gulls from nesting, as they have been doing for decades.”

Seagulls become very visible in the city and are often aggressive. The Metropolitan Municipal Union took action in 2007 to scare away the seagulls, but little or nothing has been done since 2010.

“Some people use the analogy that seagulls are like flying mice. increase.

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