This week, the story of an 8-year-old boy who got lost after taking the wrong bus is getting a lot of attention on social media, reports Vísir. The boy lived in Mosfellsbaer, but he suddenly arrived in Grafalvogle and had no idea what was going on.

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The boy’s mother, Yuliya Degg-Christiansdottir, said on her Facebook page that the boy was going to a friend’s house after dinner but didn’t tell his parents and took a bus to another location. Says.

Luckily, another passenger on the bus was Eva Najarak Kristinsdottir, a 17-year-old student at the Institute of Technology in Almoula.

When the boy entered the carriage at Alafos and sat at the back, Eva didn’t pay much attention to him, but as he got closer to Graffavogur, he paid more attention to him.

Eva didn’t want to wait to take action as it was the last bus trip of the day.

“He was so stupid,” says Eva when she realized something was wrong. She spoke to the driver the boy had tried to talk to earlier. But Eva said the driver from Poland only spoke English and didn’t understand Icelandic.

Eva says she wanted the boy to be able to call his parents from his phone, but he didn’t remember the number. So Eva spoke to the driver. The driver, who was finishing his shift, said he was going to drive the boy back to Mosfellsberg.

“I am very grateful that my boy is home. I cherish the warm greetings I received from his mother,” says Eva.

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