Akureyri residents are ordering deliveries from restaurants in Reykjavik, reports Vísir.

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It all started when a regular at the Bombay Bazaar restaurant moved north to Akureyri and asked if it would be possible to have his dinner delivered there.

“He said it would be nice to send the food by airmail, so I thought: yes, isn’t it? Of course. In fact, it’s cheaper than ordering from Arvael or Blaiseholt,” said Agust Reiniel Solsteinsson, owner of family restaurant Bombay Bazaar.

The delivery went well and more people started asking for similar options.

“More people started asking for ‘takeout’ to Akureyri. We do this from time to time because it works so well. I wouldn’t say it’s our main activity, but it’s a lot of fun,” he says Ágúst.

According to him, Indian food travels well and stays piping hot even after hundreds of kilometers. It can also be reheated after flight. Icelandair’s schedule is also very convenient. The plane leaves Reykjavik around 6pm, so the food north he arrives at 7am.

TV channel Stöð 2 decided to try air delivery. Their representative, Tryggvi Páll, ordered a meal from Akureyri, but when he left for the airport, he found that the flight had been delayed an hour due to bad weather. More people flocked to the airport to pick up food from the capital.

“It’s not every day, but it’s a lot of fun.

“AHA, a courier company that we work with a lot, has started delivering by drone. Wherever you are, you can get anything you want,” says Ágúst.

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