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Screenshot / Iceland Meteorological Agency

The Icelandic Meteorological Agency reports that a magnitude 3.9 earthquake struck the Reycanes Peninsula, about 3 km northwest of Grindavik, last night.

Following the earthquake, there were about 100 aftershocks, which occurred around 1 am. The largest aftershock was a magnitude of 2.9, the same magnitude as a magnitude 3 earthquake measured in the same area last week.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has reported 131 detectable earthquakes on the Reycanes Peninsula in the last 48 hours. It accounts for the majority of earthquakes measured in the country, with a total of 175 earthquakes occurring in the last 48 hours.

These earthquakes are part of an increasing pattern of seismic activity on the peninsula that scientists are closely monitoring following the eruption of Fagradal spear last year.

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